Teaching Methodology

We realize that the field metamorphosis and life today has undergone a radical change. We follow the innovative method instead of traditional method of teaching. Most of the teaching is done by activity based methods.
Besides this, the school has installed Digi classes and has turned into a smart school with a smart approach. Now the students enjoy a live classroom full of energy, learning and that too with entertainment. Now the classes are no more, monotonous and boring.

Exam. & Evaluation

The school has adopted and implemented CCE that is Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation as directed by the CBSE. The school follows their system in heart and soul from pre-primary classes.
There are two Summative Assessments SA1 in Sept. and SA2 in March and four Formative Assessments .
Formative Assessments are skills and all round efficiency testers of the child and Summative Assessment are Pen Proper Evaluations.
From April to Sept. FA1, FA2, SA1
From Oct. to March FA3, FA4, SA2

Awards Recognition

The meritorious students in academics and in sports are honoured in Prize Distribution Events. School also facilitate the shining stars with scholarships, fee concession and other facilities from time to time.