School Policy / Rules


  • Coming to school regularly is very important for a student as it inculcates the sense of discipline & regularity in a student which are the foundation stones of vlaues. Therefore no student is permitted to enter the class without an application of leave if he/she remained absent from school the previous day/days.
  • It is compulsory for all students to attend school. A certificate of 100% attendance will be awarded to the student having cent percent attendance.
  • At the most, a student can take one leave in a month & that too with a leave application on the prescribed form.
  • Absence without leave, will be fined so avoid absentism.
  • A medical certificate from an MBBS Doctor is required mentioning clearly the illness & fitness if a student remains absent for more than one day
    due to sickness.
  • A student returning to school after a contagious disease like chicken pox, measles etc. must bring a doctor’s certificate clearly mentioning
    that he/she is free from infection.
  • Leave notes & other notes for permission should be addressed to the Principal only giving the specific reason. Do not forget to write the
    name, class & section of the child in the application.
  • All students must attend school on the re-opening day after every vacation. The students returning late will be fined.
  • Absence for more than 10 days without permission amounts to striking off the name from the rolls for the students. Re-addmission can be given by
    the Principal on the payment of the re – admission fee of Rs. 500/ besides fine for the absence period & mentioned above.


  • Student should be in time at their respective bus stop.
  • While going to the bus, students should not run to board it.
  • No student should come near the entry door of the bus while it is moving or being parked.
  • All the students coming by buses should obey the respective transport staff i.e. PTI’s, drivers, conductors, helpers etc.
  • Students must not take out any part of their body outside the moving bus.
  • Any quarrel/fight/dispute should be reported to the Transport Incharge.
  • Misbehaviour in the school bus means strict punishment or cancellation of the transport facility.
  • No student should move about in the bus. They should remain seated & avoid all unnecessary movements in the bus because it causes inconvenience to others.
  • No student should get in/ out of the bus while it is moving or at the traffic signals or road/railway crossing etc.
  • Students must not throw discard of any sort of eatable or wrapper or paper inside or outside the moving bus.
  • Students must not bully, use foul language or carry any objectionable material in the bus.
  • Parents who wish to avail the facility of the school bus are advised to contact the school office with a written applicaiton for transport arrangement of their wards. Similarly the students who wish to discontinue the use of bus facility should inform the office in written with one month notice in advance otherwise the bus fee for one month has to be paid in lieu of one month’s prior notice period.
  • Bus facility can not be withdrawn during the last three months of academic session.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the bus to make the seating arrangement for their wards as it causes delay.


  • If a child is found fit for admission the parents/guardians must deposit the fees and other prescribed charges before the child is sent to school.
  • The School Leaving Certificate of the last attended school (recognized by the CBSE, ICSE & Haryana Board), Date of Birth certificate, Aadhar I’d (Child, Parents) are the documents required for admission.
  • Students applying for the admission have to appear for an entrance test.
  • Parents as well as students must pay special attention while writing the name & date of birth. Such details must be written correctly. Subsequent changes in the date of birth or name will not be permitted.
  • The admission to XI is based on the passing of X standard examination.
  • School leaving Certificate will be given only to those who settle all their previous dues. An application for School Leaving Certificate should be written by the parent. A fee of Rs. 150 / – is charged for issuing a school Leaving Certificate or for any information from the school’s General Register.
  • If a parent/guardian decides not to send his ward to school after the fee/ charges has/ have been deposited, the deposited amount will not be refunded in any case.


A Student should give one month’s notice in writing for his/ her withdrawal from the school otherwise one month’s fee will be charged in lieu of one month’s prior notice period.

  • The Principal can ask a student to withdraw from school due to any of
    the following reasons:

    1. Irregularity in attendance
    2. Behaviour problem
    3. Indiscipline
    4. Disobedience of School Rules
    5. Irregularity or non payment of fees/ School dues.
  • For withdrawal after April 30, fees of two months i. e. May & June will have to be paid. After June withdrawal is not allowed.


  • Fee is to be deposited in the bank by the 10th of every month.
  • It is advisable for the parents to pay the fee in time, failing which fine will be charged as per school rules.
  • Late fee/Fine of rupees 50 p.m. will be charged after every 10th of calendar month.
  • With late fee/fine, fee is to be deposited at school office counter.
  • However if 10th of a month falls on a holiday, the next working day will be observed as the last day to pay the fee.
  • All credit/debit cards are accepted. (conditions apply)
  • If the fee is not paid for two months the student’s name will be automatically struck off the school rolls.
  • Re-admission fee will be charged Rs. 500/- besides the fine amount.
  • Fees will be charged from the beginning of the year even though a child is admitted in the middle of a session.
  • Once the admission, activity and miscellaneous fees have been paid, they will not be refunded even if the pupil is withdrawn from the school.
  • Result will be withheld of the pupil whose fee is in default.
  • Parents/ Guardian will retain the receipt issued to them from time to time so that they can produce them as a proof of payment of fee as and when needed.
  • Security fee can be withdrawn within three months of leaving the school, failing which, the security will lapse to the school. No claim whatsoever would be entertained thereafter.
  • No refund of security will be made unless the receipt is submitted.


The School Uniform is very important to the students because it lends or supplies a sense of simplicity and equality. All students must come to school in the prescribed uniform otherwise, their entry in school can be banned for that day.

Identity Card is compulsory.

  • Summer Uniform :
    • Boys –
      • I-IV : Light Blue check half sleeved shirt + blue shorts + school belt
      • -XII : Light Blue check half sleeved shirt + blue trousers + school belt
      • Dark blue patka for sikh boys upto class VIII
      • Dark blue turban for sikh boys from class IX upwards
    • Girls –
      • I-VI : Light blue check half sleeved shirt + blue skirt (deep pleated length 3” below the knees) + cycling shorts + school belt
      • VII-XII : Light blue check kameez salwar
      • Black leather shoes & blue socks with two white strips
  • Winter Uniform :
    • Boys
      • (I-XII) : White full sleeved shirt with school logo + grey trousers + school belt & tie
    • Girls
      • (I-VI) : Dark grey terry wool skirt (deep pleated length 3” below the knees) and full sleeved white shirt with logo, tie and school belt + cycling shorts
      • (VII-XII) : Grey check kameez with school logo & Grey plain salwar.
      • Black leather shoes with grey socks
      • Navy blue pullover/ blazer with school logo
  • NOTE :
    • The sweater should be without front opening. It should be closed in the front. It should be loose enough to accommodate inners very well.
    • On every Wednesday & Saturday, boy students will wear white (I-IV) shorts/(V-XII) trousers with T-shirt according to House alloted to them. Girl students will wear white suit with Duppata according to House alloted to them.
    • White canvas shoes + white socks.
    • In the parent teacher meeting students must come attired in proper school uniform.


  • Students are promoted to the next classes on the basis of their performance throughout the year.
  • Students will get grades/ marks respectively for their performace from time to time.
  • Students who fail in any subject/remain careless will be given the grades/marks that they deserve.
  • Students using unfair means in the examination will be strictly dealt and their paper will be cancelled.
  • Result declared at the end of the academic session is final & will not be reconsidered at all.


  • All students must have atleast 75% attendance for appearing in the annual examination.
  • Only in rare genuine cases, exemption may be done by the Principal.
  • Application for leave without parent’s signature will not be considered to be genuine and valid.
  • Attendance during school function, Parent teacher meeting, school activity days is compulsory. In case a student needs leave, he or she will have to get it sanctioned in advance.